Project 2: Adding Photographs

For Project 2, It was difficult getting the pictures to show up, and to be honest I’m not sure if they will consistently show up or not, however the coding of the pictures into the html document was fairly easy. I wanted to create a header of images that represented each of the senses and display the links beneath them. So I had to make all the images the same sizes and put them in the code laid out above the links to the other pages and think it worked out pretty well.

I also fixed a couple things I forgot to do in the last project. I redid my references at the bottom of the page, and edited the list and made it completely different from a bulleted list. In addition I added more breaks to separate the paragraphs because I think it visually makes it look more pleasing and easier to read.

I had trouble with making the images show, though I think all of us did for some reason it was giving everyone trouble. I also was having trouble saving my index html with the copyright/credit the pictures go too. I wish I could’ve added more pictures and not spent as much time just trying to make one picture show up.


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