Project 8

The goals of project 8 were to re-create our web design from project 7, with the same specifications on each page. Focusing on changing color, type faces, and color to create an enjoyable user experience.

I worked on this project as much as I could in the time I had to complete it. I reworked all the pages with the 960 design grid divs. Then I tried adding in the content I had already worked on but that was a long process of trial and error, however I found a way to make the header a picture which I wasn’t able to do before, and I was able to have the same design on all three pages and link each one back to the other and open in separate tabs. I kept the same google fonts for the titles and the content.

Some things I wish I could’ve figured out were the sizes of the boxes, I was having trouble getting the header picture to stretch all the way across the page and then I couldn’t get it to even fill the top of my container. I also wish I could’ve added for boxes and content boxes but every time I kept trying to add more pictures and content something would give me a problem and I ran out of time to keep fiddling with it.

I think my most successful thing is my contact page and the picture background I put into my box I really had fun playing around with the colors and pictures. I Just wish I could’ve added more with less complications.

Project 8 Link:


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