Project 9

For project 9 we were to recreate the 3 page website mockup and actually add information and pictures to it. I chose to go with the Vegan Alcohol store,  I named it”Liquid-V” just so it had a company name. I met all the specifications including the <nav>, <footer>, <header>, etc. I added a sprite button in the search section and main menu buttons at the top to navigate through my site. I also linked a FAQ page from the about home page for curious consumers that want to know more.

I added an article on the home page and linked it to the actual article from a different webpage. I also added several pictures to my products page in the table and a brief information sidebar. I included all resource links at the bottom of each page.

I wish I could’ve figured out how to make a textured background, and make a working search bar, as well as fix the bold versus non bold captions in my products page but I couldn’t figure out what was causing that problem. If I had more time I also would’ve tried to figure out how to make my heading picture go across the whole top instead of having those white margins on the left and right of it, as well as make the <hr> under my main menu go across the whole heading.


Link to Project9:


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