Project 10 Final Website

In my final web design I included the following:

  • slideshow
  • navigation bar
  • scroll menu features
  • fonts/different typefaces
  • gallery page
  • background images
  • embedded links

For my home page, I wanted it to be a full page picture slideshow, and I used only me own photos.

My nav bar consisted of a link to each page as well as separate typefaces from the rest of my pages.

My interests page included boxes that linked to each of my separate interests and the paragraphs I wrote about how they each relate to my life. Note these actually link to the specific paragraph on my life page not just the page itself.

Finally, My portfolio page consists of a gallery of photos of just some of my work I have done recently.

I would’ve liked to added numbers on my slideshow so that you could click between the pictures. I also would’ve liked to add a page about the shows I’ve been in on my portfolio page somewhere as well as add captions and titles to each of my pieces but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Overall, I worked pretty hard on not making my site look like a basic 960 grid. But I wish I could’ve accomplished more, this is just a basic representation of what I could figure out how to do.



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