Final Project

For our final project we were asked to create whatever we wanted using the skills aquired from the semester, including a list of specific techniques we were to apply to our webpage consisting of 3 or more pages that could once again navigate between eachother.

My idea was to create a virtual garden where you can navigate through the different things that make up the garden. I made a home page with an experimental navigation, in which you click the icon strip of the characters and it takes you to an overlay window. Here I made the titles for the pages extra large to create a new type of navigational layout.

Furthermore, each page consisted of high def photos, which is something I really loved putting on my websites because I have a great passion for photography. The page of plants I decided to color code the plants and create a scroll down rainbow archive. If i had more time I would’ve added slideshows in each of the color bars. For the animals page I wish I could’ve added information that would overlay the photos but I had trouble with that and had to scrap the idea at the end and just organized the photos neatly on that page. Finally the page named Edibles was to show the places that I would say are some of the best to live if you want to grow your own food and eat seasonally. I included maps and under each map, some of the current foods that are available right now locally that are in season. For this page I wanted SO badly to make a giant map which you could click on each location and brought you to a different page but in the end also had to scrap that idea and go back to my original idea which I successfully executed.

For this project and the last project I wasn’t able to load my files on to Fetch at all. I tried everything, so they are in my final portfolio of work as well as my card sorting I put on here –


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