Project 3

For this project our goals were to create a theme and website based upon that theme that provides links in a table to different locations. I chose to provide the locations and names of some of the most famous chefs around the world in the new wave of cuisine of today. These people inspire me on a very high level and I wanted to in-capture their uniqueness and diversity in my website. I did this by providing the location of their restaurant in each country, a picture and short description of each chef, as well as a picture of one of their dishes. I also included some meta data above each page with keywords.

I wish I could’ve done more with CSS to make the page a lot more pleasing but I couldn’t really figure out how to do all the colors and designs yet. I also wish I could’ve maybe made a slideshow or a separate page just of each chef’s dishes and a bio page for each because there is just so much more I could share that I think is important to see so If I could work on this in the future I would like to go towards that route.

I would also point out that I did choose to put a lot of them in the table because I simply couldn’t narrow it down to 4-5 I think they are all too great-

I also changed the color of some of the text, italicized some things, other things in bold, added a lot of pictures, resized them all, and provided links to each of their restaurants pages.


Project 3 Link:

Grant Achatz: “Thailand”