Project 7

The goal of Project 7 was to make three pages that linked to eachother that represented a product webpage. One being a home page with at least one image and a paragraph, etc. the second being a contact page with a box to submit contact info, and a third page with a table using min width or max width, etc.

I made a site mostly with lorem ipsum to fill in boxes but illustrated that if they were to be on the real site I was trying to make I indicated what the boxes would actually have in them- I made a title on the top right of each page indicating what page it was. On the left side of each page I placed the link tabs to get back to the other pages so it was easy to navigate. As well as putting pictures as a top border on each of the pages. I included all the elements, I also added color and fonts, and borders.

The one thing I would say I had trouble with was the table, I struggled getting it to line up the way I wanted. I also would say I don’t think the placement or design of the boxes on each page is necessarily great but I was just trying to make sure I included them in there and showed as much as I couldĀ present on the page.

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